My work seeks to challenges the notion that photography represents the complete truth of a given situation. It is instead, a medium made up of an amalgam of truth and fiction, which once photographed, reveal more about society than about the original subject. Each image contains a figment of a past moment that stays with us only through the evidence of its photograph. ‘This thing, was present in this space, at this time,’ are the only facts that an image can truly claim to hold. What happened before, after, or outside of each frame is obscured by the act of image making, an act that ignores the realties and complexities of its real-life original.


2015 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography Thesis, Digital and Media Studies, OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 The Fortune of Having Been There, Contact Festival, Project Gallery, Toronto
Perspective, Student Gallery, OCAD University, Toronto
CRIT, Artscape Youngplace Hallway Galleries, Toronto
2014 Revolution, OFF Photography Festival, Bratislava
Vestige, JOLT! Gallery, Toronto
Simulation, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou
Spotlight, Backlight Photography Festival, Tampere
Pseudo, Contact Festival, OCAD University, Toronto
The Retro Show, The Great Hall, OCAD University, Toronto
Stuff: The Culture of Obsolescence, Zack’s Gallery, Toronto
2011 Axis of Light, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Selected Publications

2015 Perspective, OCAD University, Toronto
2014 Simulation, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou
Day for Night, INTAC Books, OCAD University, Toronto
Surreal Moments, INTAC Books, OCAD University, Toronto
2013 Woo Magazine, Student Press, Emily Carr University, Vancouver

Awards and Acknowledgements

2015 College Photographer of the Year, Photography Forum Magazine, Santa Barbara
2014 Stephen Bulger Gallery Scholarship, OCAD University, Toronto
2013 Nikon Scholarship, Magnum Workshop, Contact Festival, Toronto
George A. Reid scholarship recipient, OCAD University, Toronto